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Across the Beskydy Range

In cooperation with Skalka and Kamenitý Mountain Chalets, we have prepared this exciting trail across the Beskydy Mountains, which you can tackle on foot, bicycle or even cross-country skis. For more information go to:
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There are several tourist trails leading to the top of Prašivá: The Red goes from Dobratice past the Harenda and Kohutka pubs. The Yellow starts at the legendary sauna in Komorní Lhotka. The Red Crest Trail starts from Ropička and Kotař, the Blue from Pražmo. The Yellow trail from Vyšní Lhoty will take you up via the tarred road to Prašivá Chalet.
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Prašivá is not only the popular destination of many cyclists, but also the starting point of many trails. Prašivá summit may be reached from several directions: on the 3-km-long one-way tarred road from Vyšní Lhoty. This road will test even hardened cyclists, as at two points it gets quite steep. Other options are the forest trail from the sauna in Komorní Lhotka or the cycling trail from Kotaře (marked as a Blue tourist trail) - a wide gravel trail with a minimal incline. The last option is from Kohutka along an extremely steep forest trail.
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A few years ago, a part of the forest below the wooden Church was cut down and the land was levelled to make a starting point for paragliding. This is for experienced pilots. If you are interested in paragliding courses or tandem jumps, contact the Paragliding School in Beskydy:,
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Cross-country Skiing

There are various cross-country skiing trails but the most interesting is undoubtedly the 30-km-long crest trail: Prašivá-Kotař-Ropička-Slavíč-Bílý Kříž-Visalaje. At most of these points you can stop, or stay overnight and continue on the following day. Another interesting trail is also: Javorový - Šindelná - Ropička - Kotař – Prašivá.
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Mountain Sledging

While still very popular in the Alps, this type of entertainment has nearly disappeared from Czech mountain roads. We have been trying to bring this tradition back to Prašivá since the 3-km-long mountain road leading down from the Chalet is the ideal location for sledging in winter. Just be careful about the occasional traffic. In future, we will try to stop the traffic completely at certain hours during weekends to make the sledging absolutely safe. Bring your children and enjoy the unforgettable experience of whizzing down the 2 to 3 km continuous track.
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Prašivá is an ideal starting point for snowshoeing in winter. There are several trails. It is possible to combine hiking and cycling trails, or to set off freely into the forest covered in snow. Snowshoes will give you all the freedom, even to reach places that are difficult to access in winter.
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