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Prašivá Chalet

Prašivá mountain chalet, which belongs to the Czech Tourist Club (KČT), is situated in the natural park of the Beskydy Mountains at an altitude of 706 metres. Its ideal location makes the perfect starting point for hiking and other sporting activities all year round. The chalet has become popular not only for its delicious home cuisine and friendly staff but also for the variety of activities and events organised for the public, including families with children.

There are several marked tourist trails to take you to Prašivá summit:

   from Dobratice past the Harenda and Kohutka pubs

   from the legendary sauna in Komorní Lhotka

   the Crest Trail from Ropička and Kotaře

   from Pražmo

   from Vyšní Lhoty; this is a tarred road

The Chalet provides all-year-round accommodation and a restaurant. This is an ideal starting point for excursions to many interesting places in the Beskydy Mountains and it is the crossroads of several cross-country and cycling trails. The nearby Morávka River Dam provides a venue for swimming, as does the Žermanice Dam 15 km away.

One of the highlights of our Chalet is the lookout tower, which is part of the Chalet. From there, you can enjoy a spectacular view over the mountains. Just a few metres from the Chalet, the historical wooden Church of St. Anthony of Padua is situated, dating back to 1640. The church is under the auspices of the National Heritage Institute. The Chalet also provides an outdoor seating area with a fire pit.

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