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Chata Prašivá (Prašivá Chalet)

Vyšní Lhoty 200
739 06 Vyšní Lhoty
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 555 11 22 77
GPS: 49°38'11.641"N 18°29'3.602"E

Current opening hours:
Please check "NEWS"

Longer opening hours can be arranged for bigger groups. If interested, please contact us to discuss the details.
Booking: Please make all the reservations, both for accommodation and events, only via e-mail:

Car access permits for our guests: Car access to Prašivá has been limited as of 1st May 2017. If you are staying with us and would like to arrive by car at the Chalet, do not forget to make the reservation for a car permit in advance.

Martin and Renata Stiller
cell: +420 604 618 400
land line: + 420 555 11 22 77

How to Reach our Chalet

There are several marked tourist trails that will take you to the top of Prašivá:

  5.5 km from the Dobratice pod Prašivou train station, past the Harenda and Kohutka pubs

  4 km from the legendary sauna in Komorní Lhotka

  6 km Crest Trail from Ropička and Kotaře

  5.5 km from Pražmo

  3.5 km from Vyšní Lhoty; this is the tarred road which you can take to reach Prašivá Chalet by car, but only with a permit issued by LesyCR

By car:
If you are coming from Ostrava, Olomouc or Frýdek Místek, go to Dobrá and from there to the village of Vyšní Lhoty. Carry on for about 1km on the 4774 road, all the way to the crossroads at Pevaplast, where you will see signs to the left. A narrow asphalt road will take you all the way up to the Chalet’s parking area. It is 3 km from the crossroads, with an initial flat gradient and a steep climb towards the end.
PLEASE NOTE: Based on the decision of the Beskydy National Park and the road owners, car access has been limited since 1st May 2017. Permits are issued only to local land-owners and guests staying at Prašivá Chalet. If you are staying at Prašivá and would like to arrive by car at the Chalet, make a reservation for your permit (CZK 61) at the Chalet by e-mail: or by telephone: +420 604 618 400. Thank you for your understanding.
By bike:
1) the same route as by car
2) from the sauna in Komorní Lhotky along the cycling trail all the way to Prašivá Chalet
3) from Javorový or Slavíč via Kotař along the cycling trail all the way to Prašivá Chalet

By train:
From Dobratice train station, follow the marked tourist trail all the way to the top

By bus:
3 km from Vyšní Lhoty, from ‘Antoníček’ (‘Pod Prašivou’ bus stop)
or 2 to 3 km from Vyšní Lhoty, from Herenda restaurant

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