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Traditional Events at Prašivá

Veterans’ Get-Together

In the past, a rally of historical cars and motorbikes used to take place at Prašivá every year. This was a spectacular presentation of vehicles from the times of our forefathers. However, due to the new car access restriction, this traditional event has been cancelled. See a video of previous events here.
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Witches´ Night at Prašivá

This tradition had been forgotten at Prašivá until new caretakers again decided to revive it in April 2015. It now takes place annually. So, don´t forget to come on the last night of April. Brooms are to be parked at the bonfire.
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For centuries, these traditional fairs have been among the most important events taking place at Prašivá. A beautiful meadow between the historical Chalet and the wooden Church is packed with stalls of traditional products and invaded by hundreds of visitors. Do not miss this unconventional fair in the mountains!
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Weddings and Family Celebrations

Prašivá Chalet is a popular venue for weddings, birthday parties and other family celebrations. The convivial atmosphere of the stylish wooden chalet, friendly team and invigorating mountain environment make for a great experience and unforgettable memories. We are looking forward to seeing you there.
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The Night of Perseids

Astronomical nights at Prašivá guided by an experienced astronomer. After the presentation, if the sky is clear, we go out into the meadow, lie down on the grass and talk about constellations. There is an astronomical telescope available.
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Gathering of Old-Time Skiers

Every winter, skiers wearing historical clothes and on historical skis (!) come to Prašivá. It´s a lot of fun for both participants and spectators.
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St. Nicholas Day

The Wallachian King and his entourage on St. Nicholas Day.
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Up Prašivá With or Without Prams

This unusual event for families with children is part of the project ‘Prams to the Peaks’. Its aim is to motivate young families to be active in Nature and to show them that a baby or a pram is not an obstacle. More information about the project and an event calendar, including events on other hills and mountains at: or you can join our Facebook group.
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