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Czech Tourist Club – Beskydy Division

The Beskydy division of the Czech Tourist Club was founded in 2013. The first members were hiking enthusiasts and mountain lovers who, apart from their love for Nature, also wanted to take part in environmental and educational projects for children and young people. At the time when the new Division was established, a replica of the legendary Bezruč Chalet was being built at Mount Lysá, becoming the main focus of the Club activities. Most of the members became involved in volunteering work and put in hundreds of hours of work. When the construction of Bezruč Chalet was complete, an educational project for children was established, called ¨Let´s get children away from computers into the Nature¨.

The Division is not that big but its members are very active. Apart from organising weekend events for Club members, they organise or take part in numerous sporting and cultural events for the public, such as presentations by famous travellers, family excursions as part of the ‘Prams to the peaks’ project, concerts, exhibitions, children´s days, etc. Club members and other enthusiasts have managed to bring the legendary Prašivá tourist chalet to life.



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